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Patteri ES

Whether you're starting small or dreaming big, Patteri ES is your community!

Welcome to Patteri ES – the heart of student-driven entrepreneurship in the Kymenlaakso region! Founded in 2015, Patteri ES is more than just a society; it's a vibrant community that brings together individuals with a passion for entrepreneurship, regardless of whether they have a business idea or not.

At Patteri ES, we believe that entrepreneurship is not just about starting a company; it's a mindset, a way of thinking, and a journey of growth. Our mission is to unite entrepreneurial-minded individuals, foster creativity, and provide opportunities for personal and professional development.

Joining Patteri ES means gaining access to a dynamic network of like-minded peers, forging new friendships, and connecting with local businesses and organizations. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting to explore the world of business, there's a place for you in our community.

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Here's what Patteri ES offers:

Networking Opportunities: Expand your network and connect with fellow entrepreneurs, professionals, and industry experts.


Entrepreneurial Community: Surround yourself with ambitious individuals who share your passion for innovation and creativity.


Event Organization: Get involved in organizing and participating in a variety of business and cultural events.


Local Connections: Gain valuable insights and connections to the local business ecosystem, opening doors to potential internships, collaborations, and career opportunities.

Are you interested?


Join our vibrant community: explore and engage with our exciting events!

Welcome to our Events section! Dive into the heart of our vibrant community and discover the array of exciting events waiting for you. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about our upcoming activities. Learn how you can participate in our events, whether it's attending as an eager participant or even taking an active role in organizin and shaping the experience for our community. Come on board, explore our calendar of events, and immerse yourself in the dynamic spirit of our community. We can't wait to see you there!

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Patteri Stage

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Patteri Challenge



Introducing Luma Event Calendar - now you can register to Patteri ES events in one click!  

Would you like to join Patteri ES? Have still some questions? Let us know!

If you are interested in entrepreneurship and wants to hang out with like-minded people, reach out and come learn more about us.

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