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Round 2, 500-1000€ grants for developing ideas

Do you have and idea or projects, which need some funds to get started with?

Apply for Startup Fund round 2!

Startup Fund is managed by Otsakorpi Foundation, Xamk and PatteriES. Purpose of the fund is to support student entrepreneurship, student-run startups and students’ projects. Startup Fund gives out funding as one-time based grants to promising students from Kymenlaakso.

Xamk extends the application area by granting funds also for south savonian students.

Grants are given in range of 500-1000 euros, which are intended for testing and development of the idea. Grants are given based on written applications.

Criterias for funding are:

  • Applicant is a student in Xamk or the team has other ties to Xamk

  • The idea is new, interesting and viable

  • Team is committed to development the idea

  • Clarity of application and description how the grant would be used

StartupFund application period 2019-2020

I application period:

open 15.5.-30.9.2019

Evaluation and decision 1.-30.10.2019

II application period:

open 6.11.-28.2.2020

Evaluation and decision 1.-30.3.2020

III application period:

open 15.5.-30.9.2020

Evaluation and decision 1.-30.10.2020

All accepted receivers of the grants will be published in PatteriES website and social media. All materials are treated confidentially. No details of the idea will be shared to third parties.

Fill your application at:

PS. projects that have developed well can apply extra funding on other application rounds, so that the maximum funding for one project can be 3000€ in total.

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