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Your support is important to make our region more entrepreneurially friendy for starting entrepreneurs. As a member you'll be able to influence, you get access to ALL PatteriES events, you are able to organize your own events and you'll get access to offices +free coffee :]

Jäsenien tuki on tärkeää, jotta voimme tehdä Kymenlaaksosta yrittäjäystävällisempää aloittaville yrittäjille. Jäsenenä pääset vaikuttamaan päätöksenteossa, pääset kaikkiin PatteriES:n tapahtumiin, voit järjetää omia tapahtumia sekä voit käyttää kaikkia toimistojamme (eikä unohdeta ilmaista kahvia!).

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Anyone can join our events. We do no look age, gender, race, hobbies, preferences; diversity is an asset! 
Come and see what is going on in our events, those are the best way to get in touch.
We have some events for members only and can be participated only by a member. These include trips to other cities and countries that have travel and accommodation costs.

Becoming a member


By becoming a member you can:

  • Take part in making decisions in association

  • organize own events

  • take part to members only events

  • participate conversations in our Slack group

  • get a t-shirt

  • access to our spaces in Xamk campuses

  • enjoy coffee

  • "work like a dog"

  • cost for a membership fee in 2019 is 5€​


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